Research topics of the Department of Inorganic Chemistry

A) Homogeneous catalysis in the presence of transition metal complexes

  • Synthesis and characterization of transition metal complexes.
  • Hydrogenation, carbonylation, cross-coupling reactions in the presence of transition metal catalysts.
  • Mechanistic investigation of platinum-, palladium- and rhodium-catalysed reactions.

B) Syntheses of practical importance

  • Functionalization of biologically important skeletons (steroids, terpenes, tropanes) in hydroformylation, carbonylation (alkoxy- and aminocarbonylation) and coupling reactions.
  • Synthesis of chiral building blocks in homogeneous catalytic reactions.
  • Synthesis of ‘host-molecules’ towards supramolecular chemistry.

C) Reaction kinetics

  • Kinetic and mechanism of the reaction between sulfur- and halogen-containing inorganic oxoanions.
  • Investigation of exotic kinetic phenomena.

International Co-operation

CountryPartner institution Department Type of cooperation Contact person
Italy Università de L'Aquila Dipartimento di Chimica e Materiali Research and education (Erasmus) A. Arcadi
Italy Università di Milano Dipartimento di Chimica Strutturale Research and education (Erasmus) A. Sironi
Spain Santiago de Compostela Departamento de Chimica Inorganica Research E. Garcia
Greece University of Athens Department of Organic Chemistry Research G. Kokotos, P. Kyritsis
Greece Nat. Hellenic Research Foundation Institute of Organic Chemistry Research I.D. Kostas
Portugal University of Coimbra Department of Chemistry Research M. Pereira
Spain Universitat Rovira i Virgili Department de Química Education (Erasmus) C. Claver
China China University of Mining and Technology School of Chemical Engineering Research Q. Gao