Angol szaknyelv

1st and 2nd seminar: Warmup. Reading popular science book.
2018.02.13 and 2018.02.20
Carl Sagan - Cosmos, Chapter IX, The Lives of the Stars
The entire book is free to access at
Link to Chapter IX, starting on page 141:
Carl Sagan - Cosmos

3rd seminar: Watching and discussing scientific documentary.
Neil deGrasse Tyson - Hiding in the Light
Conversation starter questions
Neil deGrasse Tyson - Hiding in the Light

4th and 5th seminar: Reading and discussing classic college chemistry textbook.
2018.03.06 and 2018.03.13
Linus Pauling - General Chemistry
Chapter 14. Acids and Bases
Linus Pauling - General Chemistry
Homework: Write a one page assay about your own research or a chosen topic.

6th seminar: Reading and correcting the homeworks assigned last week.
Gábor Patyi - Determination of total iodine content in food products.
Antal Marton - Photocatalytic decomposition of periodate
Farkas Dobó - Chemicals in e-liquids
Dóra Molnár - Optical phenomenon: rainbow