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Supervisor: Dr. Géza Nagy
Group members: Dr. Lívia Zengő-Nagy, Dr. András Kiss, Abdelilah Asserghine, Lawrence Kinyua Muthuri
The main research activity of the Electrochemical Research Group is directed toward developing selective chemical sensors, using them in solving special problems and working out new measuring methods.

Optical sensors

Supervisor: Dr. Barna Kovács

Mathematical kinetics

Supervisor: Dr. Gábor Lente
The main goal of this research is the stochastic and deterministic description of the kinetics of chemical reaction networks.


Supervisor: Dr. Katalin Ősz
Our goal is to perform photochemical water splitting in homogeneous aqueous medium using various photo-catalysts and photo-sensitive molecules such as Ce(III) salts or 1,4-benzoquinones. The kinetics of the reactions is followed by spectrophotometry, which is also the light source for the photoreaction.