Physical Chemistry 1

Lecture attandance and exam regulations for 2019.

Results of the preliminary exam written on May 8 (no names, Neptun codes only)


  • January 30: Perfect and real gases
    Slides of Lecture 1
    Boltmann gas
    Gas pressure simulation
    Maxwell distribution
    Compressibily factors
    Compressinility of van der Waals gases
    Real gases - van der Waals equation

  • February 6: The first law of thermodynamics
    Slides of Lecture 2
    Reversible and irreversible compression work

  • February 13: Thermochemistry
    Slides of Lecture 3
    Degrees of freedom and molar heat capacity in ideal gases

  • February 20: The second and third laws of thermodynamics
    Slides of Lecture 4
    Carnot cycle for an ideal gas
    Reversible and irreversible Carnot cylce

  • February 27: Chemical potential, thermodynamics of one-component systems
    Slides of Lecture 5
    Single component phase diagrams
    Clausius-Clapeyron Equation for Some Common Liquids

  • March 6: Thermodynamics of two-component systems
    Slides of Lecture 6
    Entropy of mixing
    Vapor pressure of two component liquid mixtures
    Solid-solid-liquid phase equilibria
    Real mixtures of liquids
    Immiscible liquids

  • March 13: Phase Rule. Thermodynamic description of chemical equilibria
    Slides of Lecture 7

  • March 20: Factors influencing chemical equilibrium
    Slides of Lecture 8

  • March 27: Equilibrium electrochemistry
    Slides of Lecture 9

  • April 3: Transport properties, formal reaction kinetics.
    Slides of Lecture 10

  • April 10: Mechanisms, rate theories.
    Slides of Lecture 11

  • April 17: spring break

  • April 24: Dynamic electrochemistry and heterogeneous kinetics
    Slides of Lecture 12

  • May 1: national holiday

  • May 8: preliminary test